Finish Your Book!
30 days to the Tools & Confidence You Need to Hit Publish

Have you been 'writing your book' for months or years, but lack the confidence to hit publish?

Maybe you wonder if your book will 'do justice' to your experience and insight?

Wonder no longer! Now it's time to simply 'Get it Done!'

In this 30-day course we'll go over the core questions and concepts I've used to ghostwrite 8 (and counting) New York Times Bestsellers which have spent a total of over 105 weeks on the List and countless other authority books and you'll tap into my experience working with authors at all levels of experience and confidence.

We will cover:

How to structure your book for consumption and impact (this goes far beyond your standard template and ensures that you get your critical 'book to market' match sorted;

How to structure each chapter to built trust and engagement with your readers and compel them to action;

How to write a first draft that achieves your purpose and gives you a solid core to refine;

Key questions you need to ask yourself in order to strengthen every aspect of your book including: Table of Contents, chapter titles, overall structure, individual stories, chapter contents, author bio, blurb;

Who you should ask for feedback and the kind of feedback you are looking for;

The biggest mistakes authors make when soliciting feedback and implementing it;

The biggest mistakes authors make when writing their book and how that can short-circuit sales and render your book impotent;

WHY you haven't yet hit 'publish' on your book and HOW to change that so your book can start creating traction;

What's in 'Finish Your Book'?

Audio/Video training (available on your phone, iPad, or computer) and Worksheets to guide you through every stage of your book writing process until your manuscript is ready to deliver for layout and printing (or upload to Amazon and other distributors). 

Spaced delivery over the 30 days so you have time to absorb and execute critical tasks.

Mindset training to build your confidence and help you identify the real blocks that are keeping you from successfully launching your book.

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